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הום יותר מ1,200 תלמידים משמונה בתי ספר במזרח ירושלים משתתפים בתוכנית “ילדים עושים פילוסופיה”. מטרת התוכנית היא לפתח מרחב בטוח שבו ילדים יכולים לשאול שאלות על העולם באופן אכפתי, מכבד ומנומק. זו הפעם הראשונה שאנחנו מנסים פרויקט מימון המונים, והמטרה היא לפתח ולהרחיב את התוכנית במזרח ירושלים ובצפון הארץ.

המימון דרוש לצורך התאמת חומרי הלימוד לקהילות השונות ולצורך הדרכה וליווי של המדריכים. עזרו לנו בפיתוח התוכנית, ,תרומתכם לתוכנית ב Jgive  מאוד יעילה נשמח לעזרתכם במימון התכנית

أكثر من 1,200 طالب وطالبة في ثمان مدارس في شرقي القدس مشتركون في برنامج ” فلسفة للأطفال”. هدف البرنامج هو تطوير مساحة آمنة يستطيع الطلاب من خلالها طرح أسئلة حول العالم بشكل مراعٍ ومقدّرٍ ومُعَلّلٍ. هذه هي المرة الأولى التي نلجأ بها للتمويل الجماعي لهذا البرنامج. وهدفنا في هذه المرحلة هو تطوير وتوسيع نطاق البرنامج في شرقي القدس وشمال البلاد.
الدّعم مطلوب هو من أجل ملاءمة المواد التعليمية للجاليات المختلفة ومن أجل إرشاد ومرافقة المرشدين. يسرنا دعمكم لبرنامجنا, تبرعكم لJgive امر مهم جدا

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Changing civic society, one conversation at a time.

Globally, civil public discourse today is at an all-time low. Communities are mobilized around perceived threats rather than working together for a better future that instills hope. More than ever before, we need to learn to be discerning in the way we evaluate information and opinion, make sense of our experience, and be proactive as thoughtful members of our communities. This is especially so in the Middle East, where history and politics amplify the current corrosive trends.

We believe education is a strong vehicle to bring about change. It allows us to raise  children to see the world – and their future – as full of possibilities informed by human difference, rather than full of dangers, where difference breeds suspicion and fear. It starts with developing our children’s capacity to think together about questions of human flourishing, to function respectfully across differences of worldview, politics, culture and aspiration.

The Israeli Center for Philosophy in Education -“philosophy for life” has been working with schools across educational sectors (Jewish secular, Jewish religious, and Arab schools) for 12 years. This call for funding is to strengthen our work in the Arab sector. This year our program is reaching over 1,200 students in East Jerusalem.

Each week our trained team of facilitators bring our program ‘Philosophy for Children’ (P4C) into classrooms across 8 schools. These schools operate under the Israeli Ministry of Education.  P4C creates an environment in which children think with one another in a safe and supportive environment as they make sense of their experience, figure themselves out and develop their ideas and beliefs.  They learn to form good questions, ones that can guide them to greater insight, wisdom and judgment. This process empowers students to see how their ideas can shape their classmates’ thinking as they engage in reasoned argument and thoughtful consideration of other points of view.

Why are we asking for your help?*

We need to raise $12,000 by the end of June to support our work in the Arab sector. In 2018/2019 we plan to expand our work in East Jerusalem and bring this program to schools in Israel’s North. We are fundraising now to produce curricula materials that are developmentally, culturally and linguistically appropriate for these populations, and to provide ongoing training and mentoring to facilitators. If we raise more than the targeted $12,000, it will enable us to respond to requests from schools to provide school-wide philosophy events and special events for their parents.
For all this we need your help. Please join us to realize this goal.

What will my support provide?

Some representative examples of what your contribution will provide are:

 Item  Total    (ave. cost)
 Development of new educational resources
.. 1 x student booklet + facilitator’s guide (including translation and editing)
  The donor can dedicate this in someone’s name and their donation publicly recognized 
 Training and Mentoring
Professional mentoring and training for one facilitator over one year
 …The donor can dedicate this in someone’s name and their donation publicly recognized 
Student materials for the classroom (printing, art supplies, materials) – average cost
Educational resources for one Grade level in a school for a year
….The donor can dedicate this in someone’s name and their donation publicly recognized 
1 x Educational resources  for one class for a year @$8.35 per student
……..(4 booklets + materials)
1 x set of booklets for one class (18 students) @2.50 per booklet   $ 45

Participating Schools in East Jerusalem 

El Farooq School for Girls, Jabel Makuba Shuafat School for Boys ‘B’, Shuafat
Essawiya School for Girls, Essawiya El Sawahra school for Girls ‘A’, Sawahra
Shuafat School for Boys ‘A’, Shuafat El Sawahra school for Girls ‘B’, Sawahra
Silwan school for Girls, Ras El-Amud Ebdah, School of the Arts, Ras El Amud

Messages from School Principals:


Where can I donate?

Please make your donation online through Jgive
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Donations to Jgive are tax deductible in Israel (section 46), the United States (501c3) and Canada.


The Israeli Center for Philosophy in Education – ‘Philosophy for Life’ is a project of Topaz.

Topaz – Leading Social Innovations was founded in 2000 by a team of Israeli social entrepreneurs as a not-for-profit, non-sectarian, voluntary association. With the aim of contributing to the growth and sustainability of Israeli society, we formulate and nurture innovative and creative social ventures in a supportive environment. Topaz’s mission is to drive large-scale change by identifying, investing in, connecting and supporting social entrepreneurs and other innovators dedicated to solving some of Israel’s most pressing problems.

* By partnering with Tochnit Karev we have the financial capacity to pay our facilitators and provide some initial training and supervision in schools. However, this does not cover the expenses of developing and producing new educational resources, ongoing mentoring and professional development for our facilitators, or meet requests coming from schools for additional programming.